Certainly the single most important  service for any vehicle is changing the oil and filter.  In fact, chain outlets for this basic service are as easy to find as fast food. Unfortunately, what they offer in substance as far as protecting your automotive investment is also similar to fast food's nutritional value. There is more to servicing  a car or truck properly than can be accomplished in a 10 minute roll through operation. At Ingram Auto Care we have developed a program of approximately thirty service points (depending on vehicle model) of inspection / replacement  / refilling that comprehensively maintains your  vehicle and allows us to keep aware of any current or upcoming needs.



      Of course we change your oil and filter and lubricate the chassis. But that's just where we start. We check the condition of your wiper blades, air filter ( cabin air filter, if you have one), drive belts, hoses (radiator and heater), shocks and/or struts, steering linkage, exhaust system, universal or c/v joints, tires, and a few other things like the quality of the transmission fluid, what temperature your antifreeze is good to, the air pressure in your tires and do they need rotating, head and tail lights, stuff like that. While we are at it we refill the windshield washer solvent, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery water, differential fluid, transmission fluid and some other fluids that not all cars have. There are a couple of other things that get taken care of that are often never even thought of. Like lubing the door and hood hinges and latches and spraying every rubber bushing under your car with a special formula of lubricant/preservative. Yes, all of this is faithfully done on every FULL SERVICE every time!  Not only all of that, but we even check to be sure your NC state inspection has not expired and put a reminder label in the corner of your windshield to help you know when your next  service is due.


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